My debut creative non-fiction, 'Radical Rest: Notes on Burnout, Healing and Hopeful Futures', is being published in July 2024 by Elliot & Thompson. 'Radical Rest' documents my own journey of activist burnout, embodied healing movement building, hope and imagination through a Black Feminist, abolitionist, nature allied and anti-capitalist lens. 
My name may be on the cover, but this book would never be on the shelves if it wasn't for the unconditional support of my community, and the 20 awe-inspiring interviewees whose words and wisdoms feature in Radical Rest's pages. Throughout the book I speak with those who are disproportionately impacted by, and working in resistance to, burnout: Black, queer, disabled activists of colour. Together, we move through the rage, grief, anxiety and exhaustion of burnout towards hope, joy, abundance and, ultimately, rest, advocating for a future where we exist in community, with our bodies, one another and the natural world. 
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