I am a skilled trainer and facilitator with experience working in corporate, third sector, wellbeing and communications. 
Both individually on a freelance basis and also as the Training and Facilitator Lead within previous roles, I have facilitated projects, workshops, webinars and trainings covering the intersections between racial justice, gender based violence and social justice. 
In this capacity I have had the pleasure of facilitating workshops to a variety of audiences including: South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Multi-Agency Domestic Abuse and Hull and Humber Domestic Abuse Conference, and many more. 
All projects are embedded in a radical, intersectional, social justice framework which challenges individual and social biases, requires uncomfortable unlearning and relearning, and a commitment to revolutionary new practice. 
As an example of my work, I have created what I believe to be the first "BAMER" LGBT+ Domestic Abuse training in South Yorskhire. This training has been embedded in SAYiT Sheffield's Training programme and has been disseminated across the South Yorkshire Domestic Abuse service provision, ensuring local services are embedding inclusion and challenging bias within their practice. 
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"Evie has a profound and lasting impact on the communities she serves. Having worked with the festival, she hosted creative and safe outlets for young people and survivors of domestic abuse, modern slavery and human trafficking, which were empowering, celebratory and confidence building" 
- Sam Holland, Migration Matters Festival - 

I'm available for guest speakerships, workshop and training facilitation and panel events, and am keen to work on interesting projects that are representative of and create safe spaces for oppressed voices. 
I enforce a zero tolerance policy on hate speech and will not accept invitations to events where the space is shared with those whose values promote racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, islamophobia or any form of bigotry. 
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